iAM Listener

Token CDA (Accessible Digital Certificate) is a USB device for handling of the digital identity for anyone. CDA is delivered by ASPAYM and incorporates the personal digital certificate of the final user. This way, a CDA user can access in a secure and comfortable way to electronic secure services of public e-Administration. Some examples of the Spanish administration sites are:

The device incorporates a portable web browser (Firefox). When CDA is connected by USB to the user computer, the browser is automatically launched. The user can access to those secure services in an out of the box easy way (no configuration is required). When the user closes the browser, the CDA system automatically eject the USB device, and so it can be safely removed.

Getting started

CDA is aimed to provide secure access to e-Administration services in the simplest possible way to the final user. CDA works in a stand-alone way, so the user does not to make any setup on browser certificates. Currently CDA is compliant with Microsoft Windows systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1). First time that user connects the token in his/her computer, the CDA system should be installed by running the wizard CDA-Listener_installer. The following video shows how to perform this installation:

Then, the portable Firefox browser is automatically launched every time that the USB token is connected to the computer. Furthermore, the USB device is safely ejected when the user ends the navigation with that browser.